Fly Boxes

 Our beautifully handcrafted fly boxes make unique and treasured gifts when custom engraved.  Each fly box includes ripple foam inserts.  You can choose from a variety of quality woods including:  Walnut, Red Alder, Maple, Cherry, and African Mahogany. Fill out our order form to place your custom fly box order.  The product code for this item is: LFB for a large fly box and SFB for a small fly box.  Please specify which type of wood you would like. 


  The fly boxes come in two sizes, large: 4.75”x6”x1.5” and small: 3.75”x4.75”x1.5".

           Large: Walnut, Red Alder, Maple: $29.00

                Cherry or African Mahogany: $31.00


     Small: Walnut, Red Alder, Maple: $24.00

     Cherry or African Mahogany: $27.00

 Wood Types Left to Right:

Red Alder, Maple, African Mahogony, Cherry, and Walnut













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